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The opportunity to serve your real estate needs is a privilege we take seriously. When you become our client you get the best service possible. Client's often come back to us for and refer to us multiple deals because of their satisfaction. We pride ourselves in being honest, dependable, and thorough real estate agent company. Click here to learn more about the Dream Team Marin. The testimonials below are just a few of our satisfied clients.

It was a very good experience working with Marty. After getting to know me, Marty knew exactly what I wanted, not pushing me to buy something that wasn’t right. However—when the right opportunity arrived, he was quick to pursue it with me, knowing it would be the perfect purchase. Consistently A-1 service; communicating regularly with me before closing and making sure every last detail was taken care of. Yes, I would definitely recommend Marty to anyone and everyone. He is extremely personable and worked very closely with me to get the job done."

--Joel Kemmerer


Marty had great service. He was able to represent both owner and  us fairly. He was diligent and thorough  and made our purchase very easy and trouble free.                          

 --Orlando Guestella, Owner of Aussie Roofing


A few years ago I had inherited some money and decided to buy a place rather than rent. After 28+ years of knowing and trusting Marty as a good friend, I knew I could count on him as my real estate agent as well. I mentioned my real estate thoughts and he told me he would see what was on the market. He set up a little mini tour of some places in Novato, Sonoma and Napa, in the price range I felt comfortable in. He suggested that I could do more, but I was reluctant as this was my first home purchase, he agreed and told me to keep it comfortable. The funny thing about my looking was the very first one we looked at was the one I bought. We checked other places but they were dumps or there was something I didn’t like about them for one reason or another. Marty also pointed out some things that weren’t right either. I decided to make an offer and see what happened. This was about 4-6 months before I thought I would be prepared to actually buy a home.

Marty dealt with counter-offers and defended against multiple offers from other buyers. His advice and great negotiating skills led him to close the deal for me, and I bought the house for less than the original listing price. To this day I still think this is the best deal ever. When it was time to actually sign all the paper work, I got somewhat freaked out. I had never owed anyone so much money in my life. He noticed instantly and calmed me down, telling me not to think of it as rent, but the money is actually going somewhere--into the value of my home. I bought it for $210k and a recent evaluation was around $300k to $315k, so in 5 years my original investment has gone up 3 1/2 times. So thank you Marty for your advice, professionalism and knowledge in making this happen for me.

--Bob Shiota

Marty is a very professional and experienced realtor and has a great connection to Marin. He managed our deal well, paying attention to detail in the process and following through until completion. We highly recommend him to all of our friends.

--Chris and Kelly Ann

Buying my first home was THE most frightening experience I've come across to date. Marty Bautista was there every step of the way. He was there when I made up my mind to buy, prepping me and offering advice on the steps to come. He held my hand through the offer, loan docs, and closing with absolute support. He looked out for me during the negotiations and inspections making sure no stone was unturned. I do not know if I would have been able to go through it without him by my side. He is truly a professional and friend that I will be able to trust with my next purchase.

--Heidi Bajurin  

Our family has known Marty since 1996. He's helped us purchase and sell two houses in Sausalito and Greenbrae. Marty always provides excellent service and "unique" market analysis. It was a wonderful experience all around. He's the best!

--I Chen